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(Friday, January 8 2010)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all...and a Happy New Year! The Meadows celebrated Christmas in CHILLY and WINDY Northern Virginia with Mike''s family. Mollie LOVED having a "big sister" to look up to...most of the time they were so ...more

(Friday, November 27 2009)

Mollie''s first Thanksgiving actually ENJOYING the day! We spent 3 days with Mike''s family and the rest of our vacation with Libby, my sister who lives in Vienna, VA. Mollie also got to visit with great grandparents ...more

(Monday, October 26 2009)

At Mollie''s 15 month well check she weighed almost 25 pounds, and she was almost 32 inches long. She''s getting to be a big girl! She signs her basic signs and says just a few words: Dada, ...more

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    Name: - Mollie Joyce Meadows
    Location: - Cedar Park, Texas
    Birthdate: - Wednesday, July 9 2008
    Age: - 9 years, 8 months, 13 days
  • Birth Weight:: 9lbs 5oz
  • Birth Length:: 20 inches
  • 6-month Weight: 18lbs 6oz
  • 6-month Length: 26.5 inches
  • 9-month Weight: 21lbs 1 oz
  • 9-month Length: 28 inches
  • 12-month Weight: 22lbs 14oz
  • 12-month Length: 30 inches
  • 15-month Weight: 25 lbs
  • 15-month Length: 32 inches

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Guestbook Entries

Lynsey Crawford (Sunday, July 12 2009)

I cannot believe sweet Mollie is already one! Happy birthday sweet girl!

Sarah (Wednesday, April 15 2009)

I love the bluebonnets! Those are great! Thanks for sharing, miss you guys! ;)

Gramma Sue (Monday, March 30 2009)

Hello Meadows Family! I just love all the photos of Mollie and Reagan together. The ones in the bathtub are so cute, and won''t the girls love seeing that when they''re 15 or 16?! Can''t wait to see the bluebonnet ...more

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